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Time of creation: 2015-2016.

Size: width-140 cm, height -120 cm, depth -110 cm.

Material: golden eagle-alder, viper-birch, acrylic.

Technique: carving, fitting, painting, scraping.

Exhibitions, awards: 2017 People’s Choice Award First place, Ward World Championships

Golden eagle, the gigantic lord of the sky in the southern hemisphere, is rightfully considered one of the most elegant and at the same time ruthless birds on the planet. Enduring the most severe climatic challenges, it lives and hunts in steppes, mountains and deserts. Depiction of the Golden Eagle flying off with its prey symbolizes will and strength, despite all the wind and fatigue from the struggle. The open beak adds drama to the sculpture as evidence of onslaught and life. 

The defeated gigantic viper, being the only support point of the composition, is one of the most venomous and dangerous snakes on Earth. It seems that its open mouth with venomous teeth is telling us: the battle is still ahead.

Dynamic and very bright work - the first and original experience of processing the feathers of a bird. Edging each of more than two thousand feathers is made by scraping acrylic paint.


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