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Time of creation: 2019-2020.

Size: width-140 cm, height -150 cm, depth -70 cm.

Material: Black wild alder, wild apple (pedestal), acrylic paint, oil.

Technique: carving, fitting, painting, scraping.

This is his space, his sky.

He is an overlord here. The whole territory is in his power. No one would dare to encroach on his superiority.

The rarest bird, a predator of Arctic Siberia, Gyrfalcon, is on the hunt. Finest details of plumage, perfect resemblance. More than three thousand feathers and jewellery-precision colouring of every feather.


Six months of daily work, specifically for DIHF 2020 Dubai International Horse and Hawk Exhibition.


Gyrfalcon 3 tunikov.png
Gyrfalcon 2 tunikov.png
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