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Year of creation: 2010.

Size: height 260 cm, width 100 cm.

Material: fumed old willow, oil wax.

Technique: carving.

An intense heat drives the flames upward. Into the night sky, where a bright fiery stream is buried in the darkness and abyss. The most courageous spark pushes light with a thin stream, as if trying to reach the stars.

A new bold idea came to life thanks to a rare find - withered old willow that was growing in the middle of a swamp for decades. The inner side of the tree acquired a surprisingly hot and realistic flame color. There was nothing to paint up. The wood as if invites one to look at its inner beauty and strength. For the emphasis, there is a light source at the bottom of the sculpture - a small lamp, the light of which emphasizes dynamics and movement of the flame.


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