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Year of creation: 2007.

Size: height 80 cm, length 100 cm, depth 50 cm.

Material: salmon-basswood, stand in the form of a water stream – solid fumed crab apple wood, pebbles - basswood, acrylic, oil varnish.

Technique: carving, fitting, painting.

The salmon is running to spawn.

Its native river is waiting for it. The long journey home is tedious. Thousands of kilometers are left behind. A bright, colorful spawning dress of fish is a unique distinctive feature. It is leaping up from the water. We are wondering: is it an attempt to gulp air or just playfulness? Or maybe the fish wants to show itself to the sun? And to illuminate the water surface with bright golden splashes? 


Each of three thousand scales on its body is made in the technique of scraping the bottom layer of mother-of-pearl from the upper translucent coatings. 12 layers of translucent paint, 7 layers of varnish. The impression is that golden storm is hidden under the general greenish tone.

The stand holding the sculpture is seaweed mixed up with a stormy river stream. The pebbles balance the whole composition, allowing it to be weightless.


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