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Time of creation: 2009. 

Size: length -110 cm, height -90 cm, width -50 cm.

Material: salmon - basswood, stand in the form of weed – solid old crab apple wood, acrylic, alkyd varnish.

Legendary fish, salmon, travels thousands of kilometers to return to where it once was born – from a small egg, in a small, one of thousands river. No one knows how this is possible, but it is true. The instinct of the motherland and the need for propagation call this majestic fish forward. Bright color means the beginning of mating season, the need to impress females. The tooth appearing on the lower jaw serves the same purpose. Our male runs to spawn.

It is leaning on the stand at one almost imperceptible point, as if weightlessly hanging in a river stream. The stand in the form of underwater weeds supports the composition with precisely calculated gravity center.


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