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Time of creation: 2013-2014.

Size: width - 200 cm, height - 120 cm, length - 140 cm.

Material: cedar, basswood, acrylic, oil varnish.

Technique: carving, painting.

The symbol of northern latitudes, the largest bird on the planet. It is very difficult for sea eagle to survive in the harsh marine climate of the Russian Far East. It nests and breeds his offspring on the ocean shore. Ocean is a source of food and hope. In its waters, salmon is found - the main prey of Steller's sea eagle. The salmon runs to spawn and by gathering into schools becomes vulnerable. The struggle of these beautiful creatures is everyday life story lasting many centuries.

The sea eagle with all the strength of its gigantic wings is trying to fly in the sky, carrying a large prey. Its strong paws and claws hold the fish firmly, but the shore is still far away. Expression of struggle is imprinted in the tense gaze of the eagle and general dynamics of movement in the composition. Given an impressive weight of the sculpture, all of it is cunningly and weightlessly held at one point - at the tip of the salmon’s tail. The composition requires a lot of space, emphasizing the will to freedom and strength.

Painstaking work on the sculpture, thorough elaboration of each of the nearly 2,000 feathers and the smallest details took more than a year. Absolute anatomical similarity.


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