Year of creation: 2004-2005.

Size: length-80 cm, height-70 cm, depth-30 cm.

Material: trout – basswood, stand in the form of plant - seasoned crab apple wood, acrylic, alkyd coating.

Technique: carving, fitting, painting.

The trout, being a predatory fish, is very curious. Its dynamic jumps over the lake surface still cannot be explained scientifically. Is it a gulp of air? A game? Hunting? Whatever it is, a muscular sinewy body ready for a jump is the best perspective for depiction of this daring and freedom-loving fish.

The butterfly is sure of its safety and enjoys the sun.

What will happen in a moment? This is the main intrigue of the composition created with the help of a unique technique that combines classical woodcarving preserving the texture of an old, almost petrified wood and the finest multi-layered painting capable of reproducing aesthetic beauty of the fish coat.


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